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shaft seals

Shaft Seals

When it comes time to helping someone find a shaft seal, the first of many questions should be what type of shaft seal.

  Your see there are many products that fit that description, in many different styles, materials, and custom shapes.

  So, we first need to determine the category of shaft seal type what you’re looking for fits into.                                                                         

Mechanical Face Seals

          Lip Seals

      Molded rubber



  Once we know the type of Shaft Seal, then we need to consider what the material of construction is.  Given the application details of:

Speed, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure and Size: one of our seal specialists can give you a material recommended for needs.  

In the case of Mechanical Face Seals it’s the most complicated simply because there are more parts to consider, and the majority of them rotate with the shaft.  Secondary shaft seals like

o-rings and gaskets, or a v-packing seal along the shaft or bore.  The shaft seal faces can be made of range of materials including: Carbon, Ceramic, Ni-resist, Brass, Bronze, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, or Glass Filled PTFE.  The choice of what seal faces to combine depends on what your pumping, how fast its turning, the viscosity of the fluid and how abrasive it is.  For help call or e-mail us with your shaft seals.